Next-Gen miners

We mostly invest in the latest hardware releases directly from the main BTC mining vendors. We reinvest profits in new hardware.

Cheap kw/h rates

Low electricity costs for highly efficient miners allows to mine BTC at a much lower cost than the market price.

Renewable energy

Commited to avoid the impact on the environment, we diversify the energy supply so that we can reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Sustainable environmental management

About Our Facilities

Most of the electric power our facilities use comes from renewable energy sources.

Efficient mining

We are able to obtain excellent rates. The cost of the kw/h is as low as $0.06.

Repair center

Our hardware maintenance team immediately repairs the miners in the event of a fault.

Physical security

For the protection of the equipment, resources and personnel of our mining plants.


Most of the energy does not produce greenhouse gas emissions.