Wembi – New Generation 3D Printing

Give your 3D Printer A Closed Loop Upgrade With Wembi


The future of 3D printing is here and it has a name – Wembi.

Boasting an advanced PID compensation system that detects issues while your 3D printer or other CNC based machine is moving, Wembi readjusts itself to eliminate printing problems and help you get the perfect prints fast!


Think of Wembi like a unique vitamin kit for your 3D printer that can boost its performance and take 3D printing to a whole new level.

 By embedding revolutionary firmware into simple hardware, Wembi delivers unbeatable accuracy and smoother operation, acting as an energy booster that can increase the Speed and stability of your existing 3D printer and Prints.

WEMBI cost-effectively increases print resolution on many standard, entry-level machines being achieved. Overall WEMBI is a cost-effective solution that brings many advantages and benefits to the 3D printing process that would conventionally be out of reach for many 3D printing companies or those using 3D printing on a small scale.

By developing a revolutionary firmware and embedding it into a very simple hardware, we managed to tackle the problem of low accuracy levels and achieve unparalleled accuracy and Speed in 3D printing, unlike anything the world has ever seen so far on Kickstarter. With important advantages over standard stepper motor technology, Wembi offers outstanding benefits.


With less mass on the x-y axis and less stress on the linear bearings, your 3D printer can now move faster and take less time to go to the printing part.



The printer can now generate significantly less noise, so you can bring your 3D creations to life, without making a raucous.


Easy to Connect to Your 3D Printer In 3 Steps


While with traditional stepper motors, accuracy degenerates when speed is increased, Wembi allows your 3D printer to maintain extreme precision even at higher speed.

WEMBI essentially allows to emulate a stepper motor with a brushed motor but not with just, 80, 2650, or even 3500 steps per revolution. The WEMBI system uses a 2.448 Line encoder in its four times resolution. Means about 0.1470 degrees per mm/count Instead of 1.8 degrees or even more. (Depending on the mechanical setup of the machine)

! Final version will have an inbuild AS5040 Magnetic encoder !


Step losses are finally a thing of the past, as Wembi’s active position tracking system allows all prints to end up in the perfect condition


Almost all 2D Paper printers are already equipped with DC motors and everything that is needed to control it, building a 3D printer or CNC machine with this kind of Technology is considerably less expensive.



Do you hate it when the stepper driver gets overheated, stalling your work?

Not anymore. Now you can simply replace the drivers with our Stepper Driver carrier adapter and print with peace of mind!




WEMBI has besien degned to increase the strength and durability of your existing 3D printing machine thus brining cost savings. Through the use of a Position Feedback Control system WEMBI allows for disturbance rejection that resists not only against external shock but also internal mis-tracking often caused by a build-up of errors.



additional information

AS5040 Magnetic encoder IC (on finished version)
Injected Molding ABS plastic (on finished version)
Standard “screwed-on” surface with same size as a Nema 17 stepper motor.
Active cooling system with 12volt brushless fans (Circuit board and motor unit)

Compatibility: Ramps 1.4, GRBL Shield with Arduino Uno and Azteeg x3 PRO Controller. Other motherboards should have no issues, if Marlin or GRBL are used as firmware.


With a low failure rate WEMBI is purpose built for continuous and extended operational use utilising onboard intelligence with automatic position correction perfect for long 3D print runs.

At the heart of the WEMBI Solution an atmega328p microcontroller chip provides the capacity for intelligent 3D printing that also keeps costs low. We have also ensured that WEMBI is compatible with a number of motherboards and have developed the solution is flexible and can make replacing parts a great deal easier than in the past through the almost plug and play ability of the firmware we have developed.


We are developing software in a .NET framework that can fine tune PID constants, PID gains, KP, KI and KD requirements for 3D printers with the WEMBI add-on. The software will precisely adjust each element overcoming the need for complex and often inaccurate manual adjustments.

Language: English
Operating System tuning Software: Windows with .Net Framework


WEMBI has tremendous potential and requires funding to continue the development and market the solution.

With your support, we can make this revolutionary technology available to everyone. Please consider investing or spreading the word!

Help Make This Project a Reality!